Biden’s Secret Cue Card and What It Might Mean For His Mental Stability

What if one of the president’s biggest scandals could fit in his hand?

On June 23, Joe Biden spoke at a meeting focused on using offshore wind to meet our energy needs. After the conference, though, nobody was talking about his words. Instead, they were talking about his cue card!

Thanks to a photographer, we could see the bizarre instructions telling Joe Biden what to do. And these instructions were enough to have many saying he should be removed as president!

But what did these notes say, and what does it all mean for Biden’s mental stability? Let’s find out!

A simple meeting goes wrong

Nothing seemed unusual about the meeting on June 23. Biden walked into the Roosevelt Room with some prepared comments discussing offshore wind. Really, this is just another day in the life of the president.

However, that all changed when a photographer got a good look at Biden’s special cue card. Thanks to Business Insider, we know the notes read as follows:

  • “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants.”
  • “YOU take YOUR seat. “
  • “Press enters.”
  • “YOU give brief comments”
  • “Press departs.”
  • “YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question. Note: Liz is joining virtually.”
  • “YOU thank participants.”
  • “YOU depart.”

The existence of a cue card isn’t very scandalous on its own. Most public speakers rely on such cards to help them remember fine details. However, Biden’s critics zeroed in on the simplicity of various notes, including a reminder to sit down and even a reminder to leave the room!

Joe Biden vs. the critics

Once images of the notes made the rounds, Biden’s critics pounced on him. The most notable critic was President Trump’s former advisor and far-right figurehead Stephen Miller who referenced the 25th Amendment:

The 25th amendment that Miller references allows the removal of a president who is incapacitated. Miller’s implication, and one shared by various rightwing news sources, is that Biden is mentally incapacitated and that these simplistic cues are proof of that.

However, the Biden of this meeting did not seem impaired at all. As reported by Business Insider, Biden was quick to tie his environmental concerns to economic concerns, saying “When I think ‘climate,’ when I think ‘environment,’ I think ‘jobs.’” He also couldn’t resist dunking on Donald Trump, saying, “The last administration tried to block offshore wind because they thought it might cause cancer. Not a joke.”

This was a reference to Trump infamously saying that the noise from wind turbines somehow causes cancer. Considering that Stephen Miller had no problem with insane statements like that from a serving president, we’ll have to take his comments on Biden’s cue card with two entire shakers full of salt.