8 Celebrities Who Are Now Unrecognizable

While some stars hold on to their looks and seem to have found the supposedly mythical Fountain of Youth, others aren’t quite as fortunate. These stars primped and tweaked until they no longer looked like themselves. Who looks the most drastically different to you?

Renée Zellweger

Lots of folks who saw Renée 2.0 thought that she was body swapped with a civilian. but rest assured, it’s still her! Her eyes are open way wider than old Renée, and tons of other minute and mind-bending tweaks. It might seem more dramatic since her more famous and distinctive features are the ones that look different. If the eyes are the doorway to the soul, we’re not sure what that says about Renée’s!

Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment is most famous for his role in The Sixth Sense. Since then, things have gone a bit downhill appearance wise. But Hayley survived being a child star, and that’s something worth celebrating in itself. Nowadays, this actor looks like a robust and bearded man, and not the kid who we knew for seeing creepy Bruce Willis ghosts. Though he looks like a brand new person, this former industry kid has blossomed into a healthy adult.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan has been dredged through enough Hollywood drama to warrant a makeover, and she certainly looks new. The star looks drastically different from her innocent Charmed days, and for good reason. According to her new book, Rose received plastic surgery involuntarily. A rhinoplasty job to fix her sinus went wrong, resulting in a changed appearance. She also shaved her head, entering a new but still magnificent version of herself. Rose, we support you through all your hairstyles.

Uma Thurman

Just like Renée Zellweger, Uma Thurman had some drastic changes around the eye area as well, one of the most recognizable features on a celeb. Her famous nose also looks quite different. This Uma is more refined and…European looking? We can’t really pin it, but that effervescence that made her so Uma is gone. According to her, it was an “experimental beauty look” but that sounds like kind of a stretch to us. Whatever Uma is experimenting with, we hope she has the confidence to own it!

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan was known as America’s sweetheart, and you might recognize her from the bevy of rom-coms she was featured in. But due to botox and fillers, this famous gal is barely recognizable anymore. It’s sad that these already beautiful actresses feel the need to alter their faces and ultimately end up doing damage. If her surgery was done in a softer way, she might look more like the old Meg. But we are grateful that her signature short curls haven’t changed!

Matthew Lewis

Neville Longbottom was a notoriously nerdy staple of the J.K Rowling series Harry Potter. In real life, the actor was Matthew Lewis, and coming back from that role in reality might have been a bit difficult. So maybe that’s why he decided to completely revamp his look and underwent an incredible transformation in his 20s. The new Neville is buff, cut, and swoon-worthy in the eyes of many woman around the globe. Well, we all need to grow out of our chubby, bowl-cut days to truly blossom, right?

Lil’ Kim

Lil’ Kim used to be a breathtaking, swagger-laden babe representative of the 90’s hip hop scene. She was gorgeous enough to catch the eye of famous rapper Notorious BIG. But today, she looks like a totally different woman. Thanks to layers of plastic surgery, blonde hair and skin lightening, Kim 2.0 doesn’t capture the rapper’s original beauty. Kim’s constantly changing face has been through a lot. We just wish she knew the natural version of her was the most radiant.

Melanie Griffith

Actress Melanie Griffith has come a long way from her Working Girl days. The ex-wife of Antonio Banderas is now 61, but has come under fire with rumors of plastic surgery. Her ex did move on to a woman decades younger, so we can see the want for some cosmetic changes! She just recently fessed up to it and is taking ownership of her past actions. Griffith appears to be in good spirits nowadays. Embracing every wrinkle is the key to happiness, we think!