The Truth About How Melania Trump Stays in Shape

Melania Trump is the First Lady of the United States and a former model. As a former model, she is very familiar with how to keep up her appearance. Melania strives to live a private life, but has shared some tips on how she keeps in such great shape while being a very busy woman, wife and mother. Let’s take a look at several of the ways Mrs. Trump stays in shape.


Pilates is the kind of exercise that can come to you wherever you are, which makes it perfect for the frequently traveling first lady. Pilates focuses on stretching, fluid movement of your body and valuing correct movement over the number of repetitions. Pilates helps you strengthen your core, increases flexibility and is a very gentle exercise practice. According to E! News, pilates is one of the exercises that Melania works into her daily routine.


Tennis is one of the best total body workouts around. According to AOL, Melania used tennis, in conjunction with other exercise and diet, to get back into shape after the birth of her son, Barron. Many of the Trump properties that the first family travels to have tennis courts, although there are no tennis courts at the White House. Tennis helps build your core, lower body and upper body. It is also fantastic for your stamina, flexibility, speed and agility.


Ankle Weights

The final piece of the puzzle in Melania’s daily exercise routine involves walking with ankle weights, according to Business Insider. Walking is a great low impact exercise and the fitness benefits can be enhanced by adding ankle weights to your routine.


Melania takes daily vitamins, in addition to the vitamins in her morning smoothies. While you can fulfill most of your vitamin needs through eating a balanced diet, the first lady makes sure to cover all her bases by taking additional supplements. Melania told BellaNYC in 2011 how she takes vitamins to benefit her nails, hair and skin, including Vitamins A, C and E.

She Follows Her Mother’s Advice

In a 2011 Allure interview, Melania revealed she follows the advice her mother gave her: to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself and that includes taking the time to relax. The first lady makes relaxation a priority, so she can refresh her body, mind and skin.

Eating Healthy

While she allows herself some indulgences, Melania generally sticks to a pretty strict eating regimen. She does not follow a specific diet but focuses on overall healthy eating, including eating many fruits and vegetables throughout the day. A 2017 Life & Style article talks about how Melania focuses on eating a healthy breakfast, including smoothies with extra vitamins or oatmeal. She also tries to eat at least seven pieces of fruit per day. The first lady does not believe in totally depriving herself and will indulge in less healthy eating at times to satisfy a specific food craving. Some of these cravings include chocolate and ice cream. I’m sure many of us can relate to those cravings!


Drinking water is an important part of healthy living. Being hydrated throughout the day helps the kidneys function properly, keep the skin supple and can help with weight loss. Humans are 60 percent water, and we need to stay hydrated for our bodies to work as they should. Drinking water helps your body deliver oxygen, cushions the spinal cord and brain, helps to regulate body temperature and boosts performance while working out. In a 2018 Health & Fitness article, Melania credits water, along with moisturizer and sleep, as the way she maintains her youthful appearance. She allows herself a Diet Coke occasionally, but other than that, water is the main drink of the first lady.


The first lady makes sure to stay on top of her skin care and makeup to continue to look and feel good. According to Allure, she began to take care of her skin early in her life, starting in her teenage years and continuing to this day. Melania makes sure to limit her sun exposure, moisturizes to keep her skin supple, washes her face before bed every evening and performs a nurturing skin care routine every night.

A 2017 W Magazine article discusses Melania’s 75-minute makeup routine. This routine is performed by her makeup artist, Nicole Bryl, and takes place in the first lady’s dedicated hair, makeup and wardrobe room. While it may seem like an excessive amount of time just for makeup, this routine makes Melania look flawless and will last all day!