Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Get This Woman A Presidential Pardon

Kim Kardashian is currently in talks with President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, about working with the president to enact a pardon for a 62-year-old federal prisoner and great-grandmother, Alice Marie Johnson.

To date, Johnson has served more than 20 years of a life sentence in federal prison for a drug-related crime she committed in 1997. She was imprisoned for life without parole on charges of non-violent drug conspiracy.

According to the The Tennessean, Johnson had a major role in a three-year-long, multi-million dollar drug ring involving thousands of kilos of cocaine.

Alice Johnson with daughter Tretessa Johnson

In 2016, before President Obama left office, he granted clemency to 231 people, most of whom were imprisoned for crimes related to drugs. Johnson was not among them.

In that same year, Johnson wrote an op-ed piece for CNN, which she recently updated, explaining that she knew she made a huge mistake by her actions, but added that that she was a single mother of three children trying to make ends meet after a divorce, becoming unemployed, and losing a child.

In the two decades since her conviction, Johnson has become an ordained minister as well as a playwright while in prison.

About a year after the Obama clemency rulings, Johnson was interviewed as the main subject for a video by Mic. Johnson said that she was sure that she’d met all the criteria needed for clemency, stating, “I had 100% clear conduct for the entire time, my entire time in prison, no disciplinary infractions. I am a true first-time nonviolent offender.”

Kim Kardashian was one of the nearly 45,000 people who retweeted the video, along with her added caption stating, “This is so unfair.” Her retweet was retweeted more than 6,300 times and had more than 30,500 “likes.”

Defense attorney Shawn Holley

About a month after Kardashian’s retweet, she got her personal attorney, Shawn Holley, involved. Holley reportedly announced to the Daily News, “Kim asked me… how she could help Alice Johnson in her fight for justice,” before adding that she then started corresponding with Johnson and her attorneys.

According to TMZ, Johnson reached out to Kardashian with a letter thanking her for helping to save her life and restore her to her family.

Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian at an event in 2010

Johnson was quoted as saying she’d been informed by her lawyers that the Trump administration was aware of her predicament and was considering her case. She added that she was in a daze and was “very optimistic” that she would be granted clemency by President Trump.

Johnson added that her faith in God was very strong, noting that she’d already “experienced the miraculous” when Kim Kardashian “came to my rescue by hiring attorneys to help me gain my freedom.”

Meanwhile, Johnson’s daughter Tretessa Johnson recently told Mic, “If President Trump were in front of me, I’d thank him for even taking the time to listen.”